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Bringing Peace, Hope and Love



Milo's Story

Milo was 4 months old when he was diagnosed with stage 4 Malignat Rhapdoid Tumor (MRT), a rare solid tumor. His cancer journey was short but he made it an impactful one. Milo radiated hope, peace and a bravery like none we have ever seen. He took on 3 full rounds of chemo therapy and smiled through the highs and lows of cancer treatment. Unfortunately the tumor grew resistent to chemo and the cancer had spread to other areas of his body and there was nothing more we could do. On September 23, 2021 he gained his wings and our family is commited to raising awarness and provide aid to other familes like ours ever since.


Milo’s legacy lives on as we bring awareness to #childhoodcancer and aid families receiving cancer care at Driscoll Children’s Hospital through Milo's Everglow Pediatric Endowment. We also connect familes with other organizations to provide resources for pediatric cancer patients and their families. "Everglow" is a feeling of peace or love that given by something or someone. Even though Milo's story didn't turn out how we hoped for, his everglow will be felt through aiding other families in need and by putting a smile on the faces of other families like ours. #miloseverglow


Get in touch with Milo's Everglow Foundation to learn more about our work and how we can work together to help families being affected by childhood cancer.

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