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Chris & Nahomi Moore (mom & dad)


Navigating a cancer diagnosis with our son really opened up our eyes to a world not many people get to experience. After Milo's passing we found so much hope and peace in starting Milo's Everglow. Our hope is that anyone who passes by our page will be able to learn different ways to help a family facing a childhood cancer diagnosis. We also hope that you would work with us to aid these families by supporting events and fundraisers that are held throughout the year.

Mia & Miliie (Milo's Big Sisters)


These are Milo's big sisters. They also were affected by their younger brother's cancer diagnosis. We spent 3 months apart since Milo's cancer treatment was 2 and a half hours away from home. During Milo's last week of life they were able to be with him in the hospital and the loved on him as much as they could. On the day of Milo's passing Mia (our oldest daughter) drew a rainbow as Milo was taking his last breaths. We were able to vectorize that rainbow and us it in Milo's Everglow Logo. Childhood Cancer affects the entire family and we hope to bring peace and comfort to other families who have a similar journey. This is our Story.

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